Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fu Bai Fu - Season 2 - Participants

These marathi film, theatre, and serial artists are entered into the second season of the popular reality show Fu Bai Fu

Anand Ingale - Vishakha Subhedar
Digambar Naik - Supriya Pathare
Vaibhav Mangle - Kshiti Jog
Vikas Samudre - Aarati Solanki
Atul Todankar - Anshuman Vichare
Sandesh Upshyam - Manasi Joshi
Jaywant Bhalekar - Pranav Ravrane
Sameer Choughule - Shalaka Pawar

Fu Bai Fu - Season 1 - Participants

These theatre, film, and serial artists performed in the first season of FuBaiFu

Anand Ingale - Kshiti Jog
Vaibhav Mangle - Vishakha Subhedar
Digambar Naik - Aarati Solanki
Ganesh Revdekar - Manasi Kulkarni
Ajay Jadhav - Prajakta
Sanjay Kulkarni - Sameera Gujar
Ramesh Vani - Mousami Tondvalkar
Prasad Barve - Pari Telang
Umesh Bane - Supriya Pathare
Ganesh Mayekar - Chaitrali Gupte

Fu Bai Fu - Jithe Tension Sampata ani Dhamaal hote suru

Fu Bai Fu is a comedy show aired on Zee Marathi Channel on Wednesday and Thursday between 9:30 to 10:30 pm. It has become very popular owing to the very high demand for unique comedy by the audiences in current times. Also the freshness of the humour in the script is highly welcomed by the people of all ages and generations. The judges of Fu Bai Fu, ie. Swapnil Joshi and Nirrmite Saavaant, are highly eminent comedy performers on stage as well as in films and television serials. Their interesting tips and awesome marking skills make it a quite informative account in contemporary acting skills of the performers.
The show began with hilarious promos from the 1st of April onwards, that stretched the curiosity of the Zee Marathi viewers even before the show began. The pilot episode of FuBaiFu was aired on 14th April with some of the most mind blowing comedy performances by Anand Ingale & Kshiti Jog as well as Sanjay Kulkarni & Sameera Gujar, and Ganesh Revdekar & Manasi Kulkarni.
The most valueable part of the show is the quality of humour, which is always maintained since, it is a reality show with eliminations and marks. Also the innovative scripts written by the eminent writers like, Rakesh Sarang, Sachin Mote, and sometimes even the performers themselves like, Vikas Samudre, Sameer Choughule, etc. are duly appreciated by the Judges as well as the audience. The marathi audience has always appreciated good comedy and would continue to do so. Hence, it can be assumed that this show is going to be there for quite a many seasons.